Sunday, March 20, 2016

Graphic 45 Design Team Audition 2016

I am thrilled to present my audition pieces for Graphic 45's 2016 Design Team.  I hope they bring you joy and inspiration!

March Canvas

St. Patrick's Day paper isn't easy to find, especially one as lovely and elegant as that found in G45's Time To Flourish collection.  Who could resist those gorgeous purple accents?  Not me!  This 12x12 canvas will brighten my home every March.

Wizard of Oz Star Book

"If I Only Had a Brain" has been looping endlessly through my head this week as I worked on this tribute to one of my favorite movies.  I also had the pleasure of seeing the musical in January, so I was thrilled to work with my Wizard of Oz papers while remembering all my favorite scenes.

I started by creating a folded page for each character, decorating the inside spread.  I attached the outside of these pages together, forming a stack (the back of page one attached to the front of page two, and so on).  I used a heavier cardstock to act as covers.   Before attaching them, I added a piece of ribbon between the page stack and each cover to act as a closure.  The book can be tied closed or can be opened with the covers brought together to create a star-shaped display piece.

French Country Album

Books and albums are a melding of my loves - the escape of reading, the beauty in the color, pattern and texture of paper, and the timelessness of creating a photograph.  I can't wait to find the perfect images to add to this fun album full of flips, folds, and pockets.

Graphic 45's French Country collection was my starting point for decorating this album, but I added pieces from many other collections, including Bohemian Bazaar, Times Nouveau, On the Boardwalk, Fashionista, and more.  G45 papers work so well together!

Coffee Cup Gift Card Holder

I had some of these coffee cups on hand because I've been playing around with a project idea.  But before that idea fully cooked, another one popped up.  This gift card holder was so much fun to make and came out so cute that now I want to run out and buy gift cards for all my friends so I can make one for each of them!  You can make one too by following my Snapguide tutorial.  Click here for step-by-step illustrated instructions.


  1. Love them all! So creative! French Country album is absolutely amazing!!

  2. These are just so clever, beautiful, and awesome. What a great collection!

  3. Gretchen, your projects are just incredible! Featuring just one of them would indicate how talented an artist you are but showing all of them is truly like viewing an art portfolio! I love all of them but the Wizard of Oz minibook is my favorite. Kudos to you!
    :) Marie

  4. Love the Wizard of Oz book-each characters' page is perfect for the personality. Just lovely.

  5. I tried to comment yesterday. I LOVE all of your creations. The St.Patrick's collage is so pretty, The French Country Album is just to my liking. The little memory book of the Wizard of Oz is delightful.
    I have given coffee gift cards but never in such a creative way. I am in awe of your artistry. BRAVA

  6. Love everything you do! I love Graphic 45 but I never know how to work with it, you've given me some great ideas.

    1. Thanks Fran! Glad to know I've inspired you!

  7. A big of Wizard of Oz. Love what you did!

  8. A big of Wizard of Oz. Love what you did!

  9. What lovely work! We adore your projects. Thanks so much for sharing your creativity with us! We are so honored you submitted for our Design Team! Happy Papercrafting, Charee and Joanna from Graphic 45

  10. Thank you Charee and Joanna! I'm glad you enjoyed my creations. It's an honor!