Friday, April 4, 2014

Color Dare #88 - Smoothie, Buttercup, Sunset, Lagoon, Sweet Leaf

Welcome to the weekly Color Dare Challenge from Color My Heart.  Each Friday the design team announces a color palette for you to use to create your project.  You can create any type of project you'd like, as long as you use the chosen colors.

Color Dare #93:  Smoothie, Buttercup, Sunset, Lagoon, Sweet Leaf

This week, the Color Dare features a rainbow of colors.  I adore rainbows!  The only thing better than seeing my favorite color is seeing it within a full color spectrum.  If you want to sell me something, all you have to do is display a rainbow of items and you will instantly capture my attention - like a bug to flame!  :)  So I instantly knew wanted to create five items, each in one of the colors.  I could just picture a line of cute, colorful projects.

And because a rainbow is just not complete without purple, I added a sixth treat tube in Gypsy (X5757), just for my own pleasure!  I'm going to be donating these little cuties to my quilt guild for our quilt show boutique table.  Hopefully someone else will be drawn in by the rainbow and the guild can earn a few dollars to support our charitable projects!

I can't wait to see your rainbow!  Visit Color My Heart for more information about the challenge, get inspired by the design team, and upload your project.  I hope you'll join the Color Dare!


  1. What a clever project, Gretchen! I love your rainbow of treats with a sewing theme. Brilliant! thanks for the inspiration!
    :) Marie

  2. I'm with you on the whole rainbow thing being an eye catcher! You created a great rainbow idea yourself! Love it!