Thursday, May 16, 2013


I've been on an organization kick lately.  I think all crafters constantly strive to find new ways to keep their supplies under control.  As I change the way I work, the types of projects I create, and the supplies I use, I look for more efficient ways to access my tools.

My first solution was to build this bookcase...

Tonight I built a little ink pad storage rack.  Yes, it only holds a fraction of my ink pads, but I can make as many as I want, for only a few $$ a piece.  And they are totally portable, because this is yet another decorative shoe box.  If I want to take my pads on the road, I just have to slip the cover on the box.  I was quite pleased with my inspiration!

These two pieces only scratch the surface of my storage needs, but they do allow me to store my most used supplies close to my work area.  And they are totally flexible.  I can change them out whenever the trends and supplies change!

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